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Thursday, December 01, 2005

South Dakota Winter & Ditches

I love the winter... all summer long while being miserably and sweaty, I look forward to the impending change of frigid cold and blowing winds... and this year has not disappointed me yet (despite not quite being officially winter).

Here in South Dakota on Monday we had some freezing rain that turned into a blizzard by mid-afternoon resulting in large portions of or two interstates being closed, and yesterday we had ~6 more inches of snow to add to the dusting we got on Monday.

It should be noted that South Dakota is a funny place when it comes to snow... we can have a blizzard, with whiteout conditions... and when it’s all over... many areas are likely to have only a small dusting of snow... why is this? The wind! There is little here to stop it so the snow just keeps going.

One of the most fun part of any blizzard (or the time after) is driving to/from work and seeing all of the cars in the ditch belonging to people who just forgot how to drive over the summer.

Today’s count? 8 passenger vehicles and two semi trucks.

It was kind of shocking to see, despite seeing it so often every year. One of the semi’s was just the cab and was upside down in the median of the interstate... and another car looks like it was rear-ended pretty hard before going off the road.


  • Strange how I miss counting ditched vehicles. There never was any schadenfreude in it -- just part of the landscape of home

    Dan tdaxp

    By Blogger Dan tdaxp, at 6:16 PM  

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