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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Cell Phone Woes

Since I first signed up with Verizon Wireless early in the summer of 2002, I have activated and used 9 phones... with only 1 reaching its retirement age and being replaced normally. After taking in #8 on Monday to be replaced, I decided it was time to write up my phone history and what lead to their being returned and replaced.

#1 - Samsung SCH-t300

Eventually forgot phone pin that is required for unlocking phone (if locked) or accessing advanced menu features.

#2 - Samsung SCH-t300

Same flaw as #1, re-discovered one night when having dinner with friends and showing that my new phone didn't have the same problem as the old.

#3 - Motorola Timport 270c

This workhorse lasted me for more than 2 years with few issues and was eventually replaced (after the antenna broke and I was nearing the need to replace the battery... for the second time).

#4 - LG vx4500

Right from the start... this phone didn't seem right, and after getting it in store on a Friday, I had switched back to my 270c on Saturday when I was unable to make or receive clear calls despite having a reasonably strong signal.

#5 - Motorola v710

After the continued problems with my 270c, I decided to try again with the brand spanking new Motorola v710 which was replaced by a 2nd v710 due to some oddities in the way the first one performed.

#6 - Motorola v710

Lasting not even a year... #6 began to have horrible static issues, the likes of which were like trying to have a cell phone conversation in a wind tunnel... that much noise was heard by anyone trying to talk to me. Unfortunately, when I went in for a replacement (still under warranty) I was told that they had changed the firmware and that the built in transflash slot would no longer function the way my first one had... a prime reason for my purchasing it.

Long story short... they sent me a new one in the hopes it had the old firmware...

#6.5 - Motorola v710

It didn't

#7 - Samsung SCH-i600

Coming to an arrangement with Verizon based on my demands (being able to freely transfer files between my pc and phone without having to send them over their network as well as a speakerphone, I opted to try the Samsung SCH-i600 Smartphone, the lowest model carried by Verizon that still had this capability (previously it was the v710, until the before mentioned firmware change). As cool as a phone as it was... it too suffered from a critical flaw... rather than locking on to the nearest and strongest signal when in use... it was insisting on using a tower that I was told I was on the absolute outside boundary of... and the fact I could receive any signal indoors from it was amazing. So back too it went.

#8 - Motorola E815

Pretty much giving up on some of my required features this time around, I decided to go for the new Motorola E815 which was an all digital replacement for the v710 that added a few features... and with a couple of firmware hacks, I was up and running with my ability to freely copy files... until one day after a long weekend of deer hunting... a friend found that my End key was no longer working... eventually, I was able to get the phone turned off... only to be greeted by a "BOOTLOADER USB INIT" message when starting up... something that could not be bypassed. So off to the store I went to get it replaced under warranty.

#9 - Motorola E815

Just a few days after getting the replacement phone... you think all would be well... well you'd be wrong! While at the Verizon store on Monday a blizzard began and I called work to tell them I was going to be heading home so as not to have to deal with the worse weather that was to follow (or the interstate closures that happened 2 hours later). While doing so... I discovered that one of the volume control buttons on this new phone... was kind of stuck... to the point that extreme pressure was required to turn down the volume on the ringer... not good.

After I get the Aztek out of the shop today to repair the exhaust damage I did over the weekend (I accidentally backed into a curb), I'm going to run by Verizon again and get #9 replaced with one that has non stuck buttons.

One of these days... I should sit down and write a more detailed review on each of these phones... and mail them off to the major manufacturers and offer my time to test their phones and I seem to have a good knack for having issues develop.


  • Same thing happened to my phone. How long did it take them to replace it, or was there something they could do in the store?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:29 PM  

  • we all have some woes with our cell phone, but i think is not related with the brand. if you do not be happy with a phone you have the solution and change it immediately

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