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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Xbox 360 Launch

Like many I expect... yesterday was just another day. After leaving my house, I picked up a couple of interns who live in town... drove to the I-29/HW 34 exit to pick up another co-worker, and headed to Sioux Falls for a day of work.

Unlike a crazy few... I was not outside of my local Best Buy, Walmart, Sams Club or other retailer, desperate to get my hands on the latest and greatest game console... the Xbox 360.

Of course... if the madness at the stores wasn’t enough, what’s been happening on eBay is just as insane. Units going for well over twice their purchase price... or more. One auction I watched until the end was this one... for a premium system with free overnight shipping that ended at $3,050, one by a seemingly legitimate buyer... who sells land on eBay.

Seeing the prices on eBay, I couldn’t help but think back to the PS2 and original Xbox launches... PS2’s selling for in excess of $1000, and even the most memorable case... of eBay auction #1204183251 that was titled: "Playstation 2 Original Box And Receipt."... which was exactly what it was, an empty PS2 box and a receipt... which someone paid $425 for. You can even still the feedback of the seller here.

Wanting to avoid such outrageous prices and bad press, Microsoft had announced that there would be a sufficient stock of Xbox’s on launch day to help prevent such prices later... and not long later, a look to eBay confirmed this... prices for new Xbox’s were no where near the levels that a PS2 cost just months before.

It is kind of a shame that Microsoft didn’t repeat this strategy, and have sufficient stock before launching... oh well.


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