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I Hate Linux

Friday, November 18, 2005

All work and no iPod makes Brendan a dull boy...

I just got off the phone with the local Best Buy inquiring about the status of the warranty work being done on my iPod that I dropped off with them mid last week and was told I should have it back in ‘about a week’.

It seems that all work is complete... they just haven’t bothered to ship it yet... which seemed to surprise the tech I was talking to who made it sound like it had been fixed for some time already.

I know this... hour commutes without my iPod suck a bunch... so here’s hoping they get it back to me before next Wednesday and the holiday that follows so that I am able to use it when driving up to Day County with my buddy Chad for some deer hunting that weekend.

Worth noting is what was wrong... apparently the hard drive gave out so they replaced it... which is definitely interesting given it’s age of only 18 months and the fact that the battery still works fine (more or less)... I guess I know then what the next item of failure will be.


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