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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Channel 9 Costume

Over on Channel 9, a month ago someone threw out the idea of a Channel 9 Guy costume contest and quickly there was support from some of those in charge on Channel 9. Things were shaping up to have a copy of Visual Studio 2005 and Windows Server 2003 be top prize.

A few others chimed in saying they would be participating as well... so I knew it was on and I had to do my best in order to win.

After putting things off for a couple of weeks, last Sunday (10/23/05) I got to work on the body of the costume with the help of a friends sewing machine and some sewing skills I picked up from my mother years ago.

On the following Thursday I had finished the body, and began work on the head... which occupied most of my free time until Saturday night around 9:30 pm, ready for a beer and to get pictures of me, in public in my costume that measured 35 inches wide and 22 inches deep).

While there I snapped a few and had an idea... something similar to one of the famous GooglePark or C9Park sketches... I created: 'A Channel 9 Halloween Costume Contest Story or How my mother must be so proud of her offspring's sewing skills'.

This morning though I discovered that it has been picked up by Microsoft's very own Blogger in Chief Robert Scoble mentioned it this morning on his blog. I am forced to wonder though... why is it tagged under 'human interest'?

I've since submitted this concoction of mine to Engadget for the Engadget Halloween Costume Contest.


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