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I Hate Linux

Monday, September 19, 2005

End of an Era

This weekend I did something I never thought I would. Something I vowed never to do and did a pretty good job of avoiding until now.

What is this horrible deed? The installation of Windows XP on my main home PC.

I know it sounds a bit stupid, after all, why hold off on upgrading to the latest and greatest version of an operating system?

For me, it was two fold. First up, I couldn't and still can't stand the fisher price look of Windows XP (even when the eye candy is off it still looks too pastel for my tastes). The other reason was that IMO, XP offered nothing for me that I didn't have already under 2000.

I'll save the arguments over important points of 2000 vs XP, suffice to say, I held off, for years. Recently I began to hope that I could completely bypass XP and jump straight to Vista when it was released next year... unfortunately that was not to be.

This weekend I had a LAN Party, once I ended up coming home early from because my PC refused to boot normally. Upon getting home and having already given up on troubleshooting (after 90 some min already) I decided it was time to pave the system and reinstall.

This left me with a choice. Do I continue with my tried and true (and loved) Windows 2000 and remain cut off from improvements such as Avalon and IE7 (when both are released or just playing with the betas for now), or do I take the plunge and finally be able to play with both of those new technologies.

Lucky for me, I had a copy of XP Pro laying around that I received as part of filling out a Microsoft survey so I decided it was time.

A number of friends who heard about this were shocked, one so much so that he stopped by my house last night just to see, and still in disbelief took a picture of it so that when next he doubted if I really did cross the line (to 'the light side' as he called it), he would have further proof.

So far so good, I have run into a few quirks and oddities that I need to figure out in order to use XP as well (if not better) as I used 2000. I'll write about those a little later.


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