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Saturday, August 06, 2005

No Fun Til It's Done!

A couple of months ago Channel 9 announced a couple of contests, Code'n my way to the PDC and Blog'n my way to the PDC, and I like many began to ponder what sort of entries I should make for both, hoping to win my very own ticket and accommodations for a free trip to the 2005 Microsoft Professional Develpers Conference (PDC).

I was especially interested in the coding competition where the ultimate goal is to make something kick-ass with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, so I began working on something. Unfortunately, I was never spending the sort of time on it that I needed to to get it done with any speed. Heck, 2 months ago when I was in Minneapolis for a wedding, family reunion and baptism I tried to devote some time to sitting at my mothers dining room table (who I was staying with for the weekend) with the laptop banging out some quality code... of course, things did not go as planned and I never got a real opportunity to do so... so I would work on my entry at rare times over the last couple of months.

Well that ends today, Saturday August 6, 2005.


Because the contest ends of Friday!

On the plus side... most of my backend systems work fine (albeit slower than I'd like), so all I really need to do is get the UI looking better, integrate it with the Shareware Starter Kit, build the server side of the application (the easy part (in theory)), and probably support ClickOnce.

With that all done will come the joyous fun of testing, but that will be later, for now, I declare this time to be" No Fun Til It's Done!"

Until I get my entry done, I am not going to be playing anymore Battlefield 2, which has been the cause over the last month of my not coding enough.

Lets hope Dogbert and the BF2 case (which is containing the DVD once again) will be sufficient motivation to finish in time.

Just in case they aren't... add to list, no movies, hanging out with friends, shooting at the range, other PC games, the rare bar time or anything else for that matter that could take me away from coding which shouldn't be.

Of course, before this all begins I do need to run a few errands so actual coding today will probably not be starting for a couple of hours, but watch this space for updates, as well as the main entry forum where, depending on my fortitude you will see my entry by Friday at midnight (hopefully much sooner).


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