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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Battlefield 2 - Death Clutch

Over the last few weeks I have been playing Battlefield 2 more and more at home and have come to appreciate many of it's finer details (other than the cheats of course).

In my time, I have found that C4 is perhaps the most evil weapon ever.

It is of course quite entertaining to plant one or two on a helicopter and let an enemy get in. Wait for it... Seconds later, the craft begins to take off. Wait for it... A moment later, the helicopter begins to pitch forward to fly away. Kaboom!

In the area of an APC or other armored vehicle without any sort of projective anti-tank weapon? Simply throw a couple of C4 packs on it, stand back, press the button and watch the fireworks.

Of course, now and then I will have some fun with a manned armored vehicle who I have mined. Standing back, I'll wait for it to turn towards me and give the driver the momentary thought that he might get an easy kill, only to disappoint him with a Kaboom!

With all of the fun one can have with C4, there is a problem I see which needs to be addressed, how many times have any of the following happened to you:

  • Moments after you've planted some C4 on a stationary manned tank, it turns a few degrees and the slight impact against your body kills you. No Boom.

  • Sneaking up from behind, you have successfully planted a couple of charges on the rear of an armored vehicle which suddenly begins to back up, running you over. No Boom.

  • After planting a few charges on some strategic targets (radar, command center, artillery, etc) you quickly put some distance between you and them (~10 meters) and just as you press the trigger to, you find that you have been shot dead. No Boom.

The solution my co-worker Brandon and I see to this issue is what we call Death Clutch, one should have a way, with their last ounce of strength and breath, to press the detonator button, taking out those targets that they so willingly gave their life to destroy. One wonders how such a reaction could be adequately and fairly simulated within the game.

The more time I play the more I think this necessary as I cannot tell you how many times I have screamed in agony as was a fraction of a second away from detonating a tank, APC, or other target.

That reminds me, it is a shame that there is no way (as far as I know) to detonate a C4 pack after the layer of it has died without exploding it. Oh the evil that could be wrought if a Special Ops class soldiers could take possession/control of another C4 pack.

This of course would make things a little more interesting in my book as C4 would become less of a plant and use later weapon, instead a user would need to be more attentive to know the status of the area they are about to lay waste to. Heck, just imagine re-wiring a C4 pack and using it against the initial layer of it should they return to the area.

This gives me another idea... what if someone could move an already laid C4 pack. This of course would have two purposes. 1st, an attentive solider would be able to clear an area while the owner of said C4 isn't paying attention. 2nd, a more devious soldier could reposition C4 and use them against the enemy. Imagine, taking your opponent's C4 and putting it on the tank of a teammate.

Two birds, one stone, and one team kill.


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