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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Arrested Development: Season 3

In my opinion, one of the greatest television shows ever, is FOX’s Arrested Development.

Recently, I discovered that I am responsible for hooking 3 levels of people on it (I loaned my DVD’s to Bobby, he in turn hooked Phil, who in turn hooked Jung (pay no attention to the names as who these individuals are in this context is unimportant other than that they exist)). This is the deepest I've gone thus far, but many others have been hooked because of me. Right now in fact I am turning on a friend to season 1, I’d be showing her season 2 if it were out on DVD yet... but I fear that that has yet to be released.

Early in the year, the rumor was that S2 of AD was going to be the last... and when it was announced that the season would be cut short, that fate seemed certain... until a couple of weeks before the season finale, the words “Returning This Summer” were found on FOX’s AD page.

Today I discovered from tv.com that Season 3 is slated to begin on August 1st, 2005, and a page from FOX also confirms this by saying: “All-new episodes return this fall”.

All that can be said now is ‘WOOT!’ and ‘I can’t wait!’


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