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I Hate Linux

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Getting around XP SP2 protections

Now and then I Google my name and that of my employer as I like to ensure that there is some level of separation between us. No, I love my job and am proud of where I work, I still feel it appropriate to keep such things separate online.

This search revealed an odd looking page that can be found with this Google query. Or, if you prefer, you can copy and paste the address yourself: http://www.pitbull.onsyst.info/staf.html (I am not about to link to such a place).

As you see, it has the title of 'Staf' and the description of:

... springpole dna extraction protocol red nose pitbull dogs galapagos animals fetchfido
pitbull classifieds polymorphism st brendan the navigator pitbull facts ...

Clicking on the link is even more interesting, as you see a flash animation take over the window that ends up looking like:

That's right, it tells you how to allow the install the ActiveX control that it is attempting to install, with no mention of what it is or useful information on who it is from. What make things even more interesting, you get the same thing if you go to the root of the domain at www.pitbull.onsyst.info. From what little the page does say (both visually and source wise, it appears to install something from Wind Updates who describes their application as:

Wind Updates is free ad delivery software which provides targeted advertising offers.

Definitely adware, or perhaps worse as it also appears that upon closing the page in question, it attempts to launch a page located on sexarchive.us. I'm glad that failed as I'd hate to have something like that on my screen when the boss walks by.


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