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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Well Known

Some say... I have an ego. True? I dunno, it's not something I am going to talk about today, instead, something that happened the other day that boosted my ego greatly.

My company is doing some interviewing for software interns for the summer and we have had a number of people come in for interviews as well as some of our people going out to schools to do so.

Yesterday, one of my managers asked, "Brendan, why is it every person I interview from DSU knows you?"

Apparently, last year while interviewing at DSU (where I got my undergrad) he interviewed about a dozen people and asked each if they knew me, sure enough, all said they did. This year the same has been occurring, of the 3 interviews he has conducted so far, all interviewees knew me. So he began to wonder why this was still the case even though I havent been at DSU in more than a year, he would have thought that I would become less known over time.

I dont think he bought my answer of because "I'm just that kind of cool and happening guy." It might have something to do with standing 6 foot 4 and being an overall big guy... I tend to be hard to miss, not that its stopped me from being hit by a couple of cars.


  • So do I! Can I have a job?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:15 PM  

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