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I Hate Linux

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cobuyitaphobia Wars: Conclusion

I almost forgot to mention, I am proud to announce that the epoch Cobuyitaphobia Wars have ended. Recently my worthy (yet inferior) opponent conceded the victory to me. Luckily, this occurred on the same day the war was scheduled to end.

An interesting side effect of our battle is my increased pagerank over all on Google for the name of this blog, I Hate Linux (without quotes). Prior to this battle, my results on that search were quite low, now, I am #2 behind a very old CNN article.

Throw quotes into the search for "I Hate Linux" and I am #1 with CNN no where in sight... which makes sense given the tone of the article.

I wonder if I can take #1 for I Hate Linux (without quotes) as well.


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