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I Hate Linux

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Cobuyitaphobia Jihad

Dan, my opponent in this epoch battle for top page rank for the Google search term of cobuyitaphobia have agreed to rules for this engagement.

In short, who ever can take and maintain top position for 2 weeks will win. So far, I am ahead at 3 days in with 11 to go.

Interestingly, yesterday cobuyitaphobia.com dropped from #1 to #3, elevating the two battling blogs up one spot each.

Because of the sear evilness of my use of cobuyitaphobia.com, I feared that my opponent might try something similar, so as a preemptive strike I nabbed cobuyitaphobia.net and cobuyitaphobia.org. All now resolve to the same server, just different pages. It will be interesting to see what such content rich pages will do to this.

If you will excuse me though, I must go find an Imam to issue a fatwa, declaring the righteousness of my cause against the evil infidel who calls himself "The Experience".


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