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I Hate Linux

Thursday, June 16, 2005

4 more days of Ultimate Electronics

Several months ago I was horrified to learn that my local Ultimate Electronics store was going to be closing, "Where else will I buy my high quality electronic toys?" I asked as I was not liking the alternatives of going to Best Buy, or worse, one of the smaller, independent shops (not naming names, but they aren't always the nicest to their customers).

I am happy to learn though, that my guy from Ultimate who has saved me a few bucks here and there isn't going to be going to Best Buy as was expected, instead, he'll be moving to the Minneapolis area to work at one of the Ultimate stores there that isnt closing.

I tend to get back to Minneapolis about twice a year... at least I know now where I will be able to get my electronic crack from my dealer who gives me good deals.

On the plus side... it will be more difficult for my friend Chad to go to Ultimate with me and strongly encourage me to buy things I shouldn't, of course, there is still Best Buy where my TV came from, so maybe it's not all safe.


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