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Thursday, July 07, 2005

What happened to the .netcpu?

Remember the .netcpu? If not, here is a quick rundown: It was/is a small processing board that contained a mini CLR (Common Language Runtime) that would enable developers to write programs for it using Visual Studio.NET and C# (or any .NET language really) that could be used in embedded systems. Back in December WindowsForDevices.com and others wrote about it, as well as there being a great deal of interest within the general blogsphere. Brilliant idea... except... where are they?

While preparing for a recent 'What is .NET?' presentation I gave here at work a few weeks ago, I went to their website and was greeted with a friendly "You are not authorized to view this page" message. This same message has greeted me every time I've tried to visit it over the last month.

The website of the company making it, A Dot Corportation is accessible, but not the actual products webpage.

After my presentation, a number of people expressed interest in learning more about this part given the number of embedded products we make, so one hopes they come back soon. In the mean time I've got an e-mail into A Dot asking if/when the page will be back up, because when it is, I will need to try to get an eval board or two in for us to play with... err, experiment I mean.


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