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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Visual Studio 2005 has ruined me

Over the last couple of months, but especially in the last 10 days I spent a lot of time in Beta 2 of Visual Studio .NET 2005 working on my entry for the previously mentioned contest.

Especially in the last week I wrote far more code at home in 2005 than I did at work in 2003 (more debugging and minor tweaks at work), and now as I work on some new code in 2003 I find myself coding far far slower than I was in 2005.

Is it the lack of excitement of a contest? No.
Is it the old look of the old IDE? No.

What then?

Improved Intellisense, or lack there of.

In Visual Studio for some time, when you type out a symbol and type a . (dot), -> or a :: (depending on the language and context of the symbol), you would often be greeted with a list of the members and functions available to be called on that object.

In Visual Studio 2005, the moment you start typing Intellisense kicks in and puts forth the most likely options based on what is valid for the location and the text you have typed so far.

If I want to create a new string, I simply type 'str', because by the time I’ve hit those first three characters, it has narrowed it down to what I want.

You can of course do this in older versions of VS.NET, provided you know the namespace of the class of what you want to deal with exists in, or by prefixing lines with this.

With 2005’s release date set for November, I feel it is going to be quite a long wait for me, but then that assumes that I can convince my bosses to buy 2005 for me not long after it came out, heck, I only got them to get me 2003 back in December of 04.


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