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I Hate Linux

Monday, September 19, 2005


On the topic of my now running XP, I have run into an odd situation that I have not been able to fully fix yet.

When I am at work I will from time to time VNC into my home PC to check e-mail and other such things. This morning when I attempted to log into VNC the window remained black and I had no control over it.

Puzzled, I RDSed (Remote Desktop Sharing) into one of my home PC's and from it RDSed my main box (I had not changed the RDS NAT port to point to my primary PC) and I found things fine... so I had VNC reconnect... and things worked fine... so I disconnected RDS, and VNC quit updating it's display.

Long story short, I quickly discovered that VNC was not going update the screen if I did not have an RDS client connected.

I hope to find a solution to this before too long.


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