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I Hate Linux

Thursday, October 06, 2005

It was a cold day in... my livingroom

Last night after I got home from wings night I notice that my place was rather cold... so I did something I have not done since May... I turned off my air-conditioners.

No, they were not actively cooling that entire time, their internal thermostats kept them from turning my place into an arctic tundra (which wouldn’t have been a completely bad thing), however it was a sad time because it was the first time either had been off deliberately in all of that time.

Boy am I glad I don’t pay utilities for my apartment!

Now comes the tricky part... trying to keep my buddy Dosch (yes, the same Dosch from asking for his large window unit back (the place he lives has central air) which was the reason that my entire apartment was livable this summer, rather than just my bedroom.


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