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I Hate Linux

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You should get it in about a week

As a birthday present to myself during the summer of 03 (also back when I was just an Intern with more money than sense and few bills (ie no car payment, no student loan payments, etc) I bought myself an iPod.

Over the last two and a half years, it has served me well, unfortunately, it looks like it’s time to take it back to Best Buy and exchange it under warranty for a new one... unfortunately they were not as eager to replace it today as I had hoped.

The problems began last week when before lunch I copied a few tracks to it and noticed that after leaving my PC, they did not show up in the playlist, and after reconnecting to the PC, the tracks were displayed, but unplayable.

Long story short, I updated the firmware and restored defaults on the unit and things seemed to be fine... until yesterday evening when on the way home from work, while listening to an audio book, it seemed to stall when trying to play a half a dozen specific tracks.

Fast forward to today, I went into my local Best Buy and was ‘helped’ by a seemingly less than skilled tech who attempted to run some diagnostics on the unit, despite it being quite clear that they would fail to even start.

I had hoped and expected to receive a replacement today... unfortunately that was not to be. Instead, it is going to be mailed off for service and I should have it back (fixed they say) in about a week.

Curses! I had my heart set on a 60 gig video!


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