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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Deferment Oddity

Since January 2005 I have been working on a masters degree at a local institution and one advantage of being considered a full time student again is that existing student loans go into deferment... meaning you don’t have to make payments on them during that time but still accrue interest (except for Federally subsidized loans).

My loans going into deferment didn’t really matter to me as I intended to keep paying right on through (however the few bucks in federally subsidized loans wasn’t too bad as I am able to knock down that pile a little faster).

Last week... I received a letter from one of my creditors... Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc... saying that my loan with them has now entered deferment. Why is this odd? It happened 11 months since I became a full time student again. I wonder what took them so long to get the news.


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