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Saturday, June 09, 2007

“You’re what? An XL?”

While still suffering through my stay in the DPRM (a place where the light rail has killed more than the conceal and carry law has) and having little to do while waiting for an aunt to arrive from out of state today, yesterday I visited the outlet mall in Albertville, MN with my mom where I was encouraged to take a look at some clothes at a non big and tall store... so I did.

As previously reported, my weight loss campaign has gone quite well and forced me to buy new and smaller clothes. Today I can even squeeze into 2xlt shirts, 3x's smaller than where I was when I started in May 2006. At last (in theory) I can buy clothes from non big-and-tall stores as 2XL isn't an uncommon size... however 2xlt is.

After looking me over, the saleswoman asked "You're what? An XL?" I was more than a little shocked and said "Not yet... 2XL...T." As it turned out, they had XLT shirts in stock and even some 2XLs... just no 2XLTs... so we did some comparison and found that an XLT shirt was only about an inch longer than a XL, quite from what I need (at least 2-3 inches).

Being the tall guy I am with a good chunk of my height in the upper body, I tend to require shirts that are rectangles (longer than they are wide) and those shirts at this store that were labeled tall were but squares.

A bit later we stopped by the Casual Male XL store (where virtually every shirt I've owned over the last 10+ years has come from) and I picked up a couple of well fitting 2XLT shirts and where under pressure from my mom even tried on an XLT shirt... which fit a bit tight (and not in the sort of way I like for myself) and ended up going home with me as well.

Why would I buy a shirt that I don't quite fit in today? To give me an idea of my weight loss and my fittings later.

Ever since I bought my first smaller sized piece of clothes I've made it a point to have an item or two of a smaller size on hand at home for comparison every month or two, to make it easier for me to be able to say "no wonder my pants are bunching up around the waste, this smaller pair fits far better. Dang it, I guess it's time to buy new stuff."

It's an imperfect system I'm afraid as sometimes you overdo it... back in April I picked up a couple pair of 46x30 jeans and a pair of 44x30 for later comparison. Needless to say the 46's aren't fitting the best these days so picked up a couple extra pair of 44's and found that they too didn't fit the best, I'd leapfrogged an entire size and found that 42's were the optimal fit for me. So now I've got a single extra pair of 44's at home which will be seeing eBay with the rest of the jeans at one point.


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