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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time for a second opinion

This morning saw my much anticipated appointment with my orthopedist where he'd decide on the next step for me after going over the results and notes from the rheumatologist visit of the week before and after a minute of looking at my chart said:

Your test results look normal... I can't explain......... what's causing your symptoms.

The next step would seem to be visiting another orthopedic surgeon... one who works for the competing hospital system in the area before a possible trip to the Mayo Clinic if the second orthopedic surgeon reaches the same wall as the first one (and everyone else who has seen me on the subject) has.

Nice right? When the appointment was first made I freaked out a bit when I was told the soonest they could see me was July 29th, nearly 10 some weeks out. Luckily for me an error was made (possibly due to July 29th being a Sunday), they had meant to say June 28th... only 5.5 weeks out (because that's so much better).

So now the waiting game begins again... being low on funds and having the pleasure of writing a check to the insurance company every month for $207 to maintain my insurance under COBRA for... nothing but the privilege of being eligible for coverage the next month.

One obvious concern I have is that if orthopedic surgeon #2 can think of nothing and I get referred to the Mayo... I'm going to be in for an even longer wait than anything I've seen previously.

The one good thing about all of this waiting is that it is making me an even bigger opponent to any kind of nationalized or single payer health care system as I figure, if things are this bad in a private system dominated by HMO's... I can only imagine how much worse it'd be if the federal government ran things.


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