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Monday, May 14, 2007

Engagement Congratulations

A quick shout out and congratulations to Dan of tdaxp and the Lady of tdaxp who today formally became engaged and did so via the blogsphere.

The rumor was that part of the reason they waited until now was in part so that Dan could ask the Lady of tdaxp's parents for their permission, something that was best done in person with their daughter translating.

Upon hearing this I was concerned and said:

I dunno Dan, there seems to be an awful margin for trickery there... for all you know when you ask "Will you give me permission to marry your daughter?" She very well may ask "Do you like pie?" and the following monologue you hear from the parents, something you think is them expressing their happiness for you both, their hope for a long and happy life for both of you with plenty of kids, their own memories of such a time and finally their blessing... is in fact nothing but a 15 minute epic on why they like pie and what their favorite kind is.

So either the Parents of Lady of tdaxp have given their blessing... or really like pie. In either case, congratulations guys!

I do feel sorry for Lady of tdaxp though... the DeBeers backed tradition says that the guy should spend 2 months salary on the engagement ring... only for a college student like Dan that likely means that his wife to be will be wearing an onion ring or twist tie for many months to come.


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