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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More disappointment

While in the DPRM over the last couple of weeks I was talked into seeing a chiropractor (who was an utter quack (more on that another day)) to get an opinion on my hands as well as a proper doctor, a hand doctor.

The amazing thing was that I was able to see the hand doctor pretty quick, my dad new someone who was a patient and called in on a Monday to see about an appointment for me, I got a callback that afternoon and went into see them first thing Thursday morning (and spent 50 minutes in traffic going 20 miles (gotta love the Minneapolis area)).

Interestingly enough, the doctor had a pretty good idea of what was wrong with me a good 10 seconds after she began to examine my hands. Hopeful, I quickly called my regular hand doctor to get an appointment as soon as I could to see if he could confirm her findings before my visit for the proper local second opinion on the 15th.

Only one problem... despite my appointment having occurred on Thursday, the doctors notes are not yet fully typed up and due to her being out of the office this week so I've had to reschedule my appointment with my regular doctor that was scheduled for tomorrow, instead I'll be getting the proper second opinion on Friday, teaching a VB.NET class the following week (what can I say, I need the money and am going to see if I can teach a MOC programming class without major issues).


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