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Sunday, June 10, 2007

About time for a new washer?


The washer and dryer I picked up from a friend for only $50 a few years back have never been the most reliable (you get what you pay for) and tonight the washer has struck again and stained 7 different shirts, 6 of which were new ones I purchased only on Friday.


Despite all attempts to explain it (short of tearing the entire thing apart (which I plan to do next weekend)), occasionally an article of clothing or three will be stained by some unknown black substance that I occasionally catch before putting a load into the dryer... usually it reveals itself as a large black smudge along a finger or two of mine at which point I break out some kind of spot cleaning detergent and try to treat the stain before putting it through again in the washer (after cleaning out any of the black crap that I can find).

Tonight it happened again and needless to say, I'm not the most happy.

While I never kept careful records, I can only imagine the amount of money I've saved having my own washer in dryer (in an apartment where I don't pay my own utilities) compared to going to the Laundromat... but this latest event gives me pause to consider either trying to find a slightly newer and more reliable unit (not likely considering my financial/work situation) or doing my washing down the road and bringing a whole bunch of quarters.

Damn it.

Here's hoping the spot stain removes have a 100% success rate for me this evening, but given the fact that I didn't notice the stains until after they got out of the dryer, I don't expect much.



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