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I Hate Linux

Monday, December 19, 2005

RIP Seti Classic

After being a member for just over six and a half years, the original version of Seti@Home has closed down in favor of the new BOINIC system.

Starting off ages ago on an old AMD K5-133, it took me just over 2 days to do a single work unit... which did not encourage me to run it often... so I took off a year until I had more hardware... and then went insane with it.

While at DSU I had access (for a time) to a 4 processor Sun machine on which I’d run multiple copies of Seti (until the admin would nuke the processes, suspecting that they were just run of the mill runaway processes). As I upgraded my main PC, older PC’s would be devoted to Seti processing. At one time in my house I had 5 separate PC’s at it, as well as up to 6 at work.

Heck, the joke around work was that anytime I had control of any hardware, one of the first things I would do would be to run Seti on it... and believe it or not, it actually benefited us... once. One prototype unit we were building was found to have inadequate cooling, which was only revealed by running Seti on it.

While I understand why they are upgrading to the new system, I am still rather sad to see the old one go, in large part because the statistics and bragging rights from the old system are less important. Being able to say that one processed 30046 packets, or that out of 5,436,301 users, I was in 6647th place, having completed more work units than 99.878% of the users (I had always hoped to reach 3 nines).

Oh well, I’ll miss you Seti classic. Now I just need to figure out how to get the new BOINIC client to work under Linux machines, or in an install-less windows configuration (so that it can be run over the network.


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