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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

30 days until 70-340

Whenever I sign up for a cert test, I like to schedule it a couple of weeks (up to a month) in advance, forcing a time for it to be taken so that I do not dillydally with regards to studying or other preparations.

Yesterday I signed up for my next text, 70-340, "Implementing Security for Applications with Microsoft® Visual C#® .NET", which after passing (I hope), will put me just one test away from an MCSD which with any luck (and dedication), I could have done before March of 06 given my current history.

While this is the first test that I’ve had some uncertainty relating to before hand, I do hope I pass, as being able to mention my having passed 4 certification tests since the last effective review date of 02/05 would no doubt help me a bit come reviews in this February (provided they are not delayed for 6 months as they were this year).

Also, one of these weeks I should look into the new wave of certs for the 2.0 Framework and VS2005, they do look rather interesting, and different.


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