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I Hate Linux

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yet another coding contest

Two years ago tomorrow I made a pledge of "No Fun Til It's Done!" regarding coding contest over on Channel 9, something I did expect to win and didn't but enjoyed the motivation of forcing myself to get one my little personal projects done

Another ongoing coding contest right now is the Windows Home Server Code2Fame Challenge and something I think I've got the perfect entry for provided to get it done in time to record a short video and mail it in by August 25th.  Granted like the channel 91 I have no expectation of being able to win as frankly, while what I'm writing has never been written before in .net or c# (and for a good a reason really) I think my out on is a sort of thing that plenty of geeks running Windows Home Server would like to make their home network management a little easier.

Over the last month are so I've been very careful to avoid any extreme use of my hands while we gave the Baclofen and a later injection a good try.  It seems though now 2 and a half weeks after the injections things if not improved markedly from that at least I'm in a spends much of the rest of the weekend working on my add-in both in the hopes of getting it done, but also to give the injection another good long test and hopefully have more information for when I go to see the neurologist on Monday.

I'm fairly close I think to being done, the main server code works well currently it just needs a few refinements such as mutexing off a couple of areas better, improve how I save state information to disk and then build some sort of usable user interface that integrates well into the Windows Home Server Console.

On a related note, realizing that it was two years ago right now that I was working so hard in visual studio 2005 beta two to finish my entry kind of gets me down as not only did that contest forced me to finish my project but also get myself use to the new development environment and many of its features... The same cannot be said though right now for me and visual studio 2008. While I've got it installed in my tablet and played around with it a bit, even filing a bug report on it, I find myself falling behind right now and that I'm not able to keep up with the latest and greatest as a person in my industry should be.  While a few visual studio 2008 features would assist me greatly in finishing my project a little sooner, my desktop PC doesn't have enough hard drive space for right now, I'd rather spend my time making my project fully functional and ready to send off rather than spend some time cleaning up some space.


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