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Monday, July 09, 2007

Baclofen + 1 week

One thing I've noticed during the course of my now nearly 5 month hiatus from full time employment is the amount of pain and discomfort in my hands is directly related to the amount I use them over a given period of time.

Since February the amount of personal coding, and forum posting and other general typing has dropped dramatically... and as a result I could from time to time type like my old self for longer than I could... the only problem was that the symptoms would slowly build and before to long... I'd regret it, but even before that I'd feel the onset of things and would use those onsets as a warning of when I should stop lighter activities.

Prior to visiting the neurologist 2 weeks ago I decided that I should definitely give my hands another good abusive workout... use em as I used to and make sure things that still hurt the same way, prior to and after I went back into normal use on my hands... including on the drive to/from Fargo where I held the steering wheel in a normal manner (for regular drivers), one that tends to make my hands hurt... mission accomplished.

It's now been a week since I began the Baclofen as proscribed by the Neurologist and I can safely say there's been no change. Just like prior to visiting the neurologist and especially during the this past week especially I've spent a fair bit of time working on a personal coding project for the Windows Home Server Code4Fame Challenge (an entry that if finished will be a nifty example of my occasional 'Not Invented Here' mentality) as well as contributing to the MSDN forums heavily for a couple of days and have noticed 0 improvement... in fact, due to the normal use (normal for your average developer) over that time I've made them hurt worse than they have in months, even to the point I find myself not wanting to write code.

As much as I wish we could find some fix... I am thrilled to have another fix ruled out on the theory that it is getting us one step closer to a final solution and with this new info I'll be seeing HD4 on the 25th to see if he's got any new ideas or directions.


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