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I Hate Linux

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another job ruled out: car washer

This morning I noticed that my windshield was extremely bug ridden and desperately needed a cleaning and I figured wall at it I might as well washed entire day in car which hadn’t been washed in well over six months and… Being a cheap guy I am I did that do which are self route so that I could ensure that all those bug guts or removed. Big mistake.

I’d forgotten that part of the reason I had washed my car and so long that way was because it was more than a little uncomfortable to hold on to the power washer.

Note: I’m giving vista’s speech recognition another go, only this time I’m not going to try to write code with it, however this is taking far too long, but despite that I’m going to spend a little more time training it and seeing if I can’t make it more worthwhile at least for normal text like this. I’m actually starting to regret my extensive testing of my hands over the last couple weeks because I’m really going to need them, even in a limited sense next week when I’ve got another programming class that I’m teaching. The one three weeks ago was barely tolerable when my hands didn’t hurt going in, if my hands don’t feel much better by Monday morning I may have to cut back on demonstrations and examples.


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