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I Hate Linux

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Oh, you sounded like a salesman"

Me thinks it's a bad thing when you call a small clinic office and are asked to call back because the person is on the phone.

Me thinks it's a worse thing when you call back 15 minutes later and are told the same thing.

Of course, both pale in comparison to when you call back a third time and receive the answering machine, not voice mail, but an answering machine and midway through your message the person you're looking for picks up and asks if they can help me and then says "are you the one that's been calling?" to which I replied yes, and was told "Oh, you sounded like a salesman."

While I know I've a good voice, and can be quite professional and articulate with it, I can't say that I've ever been told that I sounded like a salesman, told I should be on the radio maybe, but never a salesman.

For fun, maybe when I show up for my appointment I should wear a suit, bring a briefcase, and try to sell them a foo.


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