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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Neurologist #3

Yesterday saw me seeing a Dr. Payne (what a horrible name for a doctor), the same neurologist that was first scheduled 6 weeks ago.

He listened, he asked questions, and he too didn't have any grand ideas.

In the hopes of ruling some more things out, I'll be going in today for a spinal MRI to see if there is any nerve pinching or other issues... however he expects that to be clear as if I had any issues there they would likely not be localized to just my hands and wrists and that those issues would be a little more constant (ie not cumulative with use).

For a future thought there is talk about me going in a month or so for a bone scan after I've used my hands normally for a time and are hurting plenty (where the right one is at right now) to see if any better localization of the issue.

I always find it interesting viewing medicine through my software engineering eyes as in the software world, it is very possible and at times relatively easy to break things down into their smallest components and trace through exactly what is going on in the hopes of finding an issue.

Apparently medicine hasn't quite caught up with software debugging.

According to neurologist #3 there is no way that he is aware of that two separate scans separated by some interval could be taken to better isolate exactly what has changed between as it all depends on what is being looked for. Such a thing could theoretically help pick out a small bone fracture, a tumor, or some inflammation due to the excess fluid, but it is unlikely that any of those are to blame for what is causing me issues.

Shame there is no such thing as a medical WinDiff.

This post marks a change for me as it is the first one in quite a while that has been written by hand as part of my latest 'using my hands normally' that I'd discussed on Saturday.



  • Neurologist #3 is wrong, and a good radiologist will review the serial scans with exactly that in mind

    By Blogger gpsguy, at 5:24 AM  

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