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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hand Doctor #4

On Friday my much anticipated trip to hand doctor #4 (HD4) happened, in large part to see if he had any new ideas that HD2 had not yet.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have any immediate ideas, instead like HD1, wants me to see a neurologist and see if they can't find anything wrong.

If a neurologist finds something wrong I will be more than a little peeved as HD1 has scheduled me to see one when I last saw him in December... the problem was that the neurologist couldn't see me for 3 months and I'd called back to HD1 to see if there was anyone else I could see, which brought me to HD2. I'd actually had the carpel tunnel surgery a couple of weeks before the neurologist appointment had been originally scheduled and had thought that the appointment had been canceled... I was wrong.

I'm also sad to say that the diagnosis from HD3 who I saw in the Democratic People's Republic of Minnesota a couple of weeks back could not be confirmed by HD4, so there goes that hope of a known and treatable issue.

Shocked by the fact that the earliest the local neurologist could see me was August 1st (yes I know they are a specialist), I had HD4's office also make an appointment with another local neurologist to see if they could get me in sooner, either regularly or while being on the cancellation list. They can see me on August 10th.

Not to be deterred, I broke out my insurance companies website and began calling every single neurology office they listed as being 'in network' to see who and where might be able to get me in a week earlier. Watertown, Huron, Mitchell, Dakota Dunes. All local places were called and included "well into August", "best we could do is September", to even a case of "a couple of weeks for sure... but we'd first need to receive a referral from another neurologist."

The one glimmer of hope I did have was an office in Fargo, ND (~3.5 hour drive north) that actually had open slots the next week and the week after. Woot!

I'd go next week only I'll be teaching a VB.NET class in Sioux Falls this week (a test to see how well my hands can handle teaching a programming class before I agree to more) and have another engagement all of the following Tuesday... but if I can get a referral from HD4 to the clinic in Fargo, I'd be taking a road trip the next Wednesday or Thursday.


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