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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hand Doctor #4 Revisited

Last week saw my follow-up visit to hand Dr. #4 (HD4) to judge if the previous injections did anything and to go over the thoughts from the most recent neurologist.

After waiting in the room for a few min I heard a couple of people talking right outside of the door and heard one say:

I'd like you to meet him and see if you've got any ideas because I...

I didn't catch the end. Despite that I though I had to ask myself "What are the chances that he is talking about me?"

Sure enough a PA who works for HD4 came in and we chatted for ~20 min... going through the story thus far, him skimming some bits of my chart, asking a few questions, suggesting a few other things... at the end of the time he was as thoroughly confused and puzzled as everyone else I had seen previously.

Fast forward a bit and HD4 entered and he too didn't have any new ideas other than to wait and see what the bone scan says when I get that done.

As an outside suggestion HD4 did mention the possibility of going to some kind of upper extremity pain clinic that specializes in these sorts of things and where I’d through much of the same tests I've already had... but then with folks who deal with people like me more often.

Unfortunately it seems though that there is not such a place around here… instead most of them are in the east coast which would make such a visit fairly expensive when it comes to airfare and hotel as such a place is not cheap to get to nor do I have any cheap places to stay there (as I would in places like Minnesota, the Dakota's, Nebraska or a couple further states where I have family)... but then if I get sent to one of those places I'll just have to make do.


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