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I Hate Linux

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Done... sorta

Just moments ago I put the finishing touches on my demo video for DHCP4WHS as required by the Code2Fame Challenge.

Next time I make such a video... I think I'm going to need to find a tool better than Windows Movie Maker

Does that mean I'm going to burn it and the latest build to CD and drop it in the mornings mail?

Sadly no.

Instead I'll make a few more last minute tweaks and checks tonight and tomorrow (before and after my visit to HD#4 to follow up on the visit from a month ago) and get it in the mail in time to be sent out on Thursday morning.

I am kinda getting close to the wire as all my entry must be postmarked by Friday and received by the following Friday... and I'm not leaving myself much time for possibly having a lost, misdirected, damaged, delayed or undelivered entry.

On a related note... the test started last month has been successful... and shown that the shots didn't do anything.


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