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Thursday, June 08, 2006

FedEx Take Two

After a nightmare of a time on the phone with Dell yesterday as outlined on this Channel 9 post I found myself with yet another replacement monitor on its way to me, fearing that it might suffer from the same FedEx problems I had last week I decided to be preemptive on the issue and call FedEx to see what could be done.

After starting with one customer service person I was told that all Dell packages require a signature in person to release and that I could not pick up the package in Sioux Falls (their office is just minutes from where I work) until there had been a delivery attempt unless the shipper gives the ok. Given the amount of time I was on the phone last night... I didn't even want to consider the Dell route so I decided to climb a bit and asked to talk to someone above him... and after 5 min on hold I got hung up on.

Calling back I spoke with another person who this time claimed the higher ups office closed at 9 and that everything the first guy told me was true... I laid out my case to her again... she held the party line of "our contract is with the shipper."

Funny how folks like her don't realize that unless I receive the package tomorrow, I will make it a point to not allow any package coming to me to be shipped via FedEx. Yes I know, that will show them.

Finally getting to speak with this second representatives ‘floor supervisor', I went through the whole dance again... only this time, she confirmed something that the first two people wouldn't... that unlike virtually every Dell shipment, none of mine (the 2 last week or the 1 this) had an in person signature requirement attached.

Unfortunately my victory was short lived as I was told that even without the requirement it is up to the driver whether or not to leave the package... so we came up with a bit of a solution based an ultimatum of mine, I told her:

Let me make this perfectly clear, unless I receive the package tomorrow, either as a result of the driver leaving it at my door or me being able to pick it up at the Sioux Falls FedEx center, I will have no use for this package and will refuse any and all delivery attempts of it.

At which time she suggested adding a note to the package that asks the driver to leave it if the in person signature requirement wasn't on the package, and that the Sioux Falls office should give me a call when they open if they would be able to keep it off of the truck and let me pick it up sometime during the day.

So now we wait and see.

Will the call me in the morning... I doubt it.

Will the driver leave the package? He best... otherwise I will be... angry, which as we all know doesn't happen much.


  • Dear Brendan,

    I read your post from June 2 and 8, regarding the delivery of your Dell items. Please let me know if you still require assistance with your monitors. I am happy to help in any way possible.

    Please feel free to contact me directly at the e-mail below.

    Thank you,

    Dell Customer Advocate
    Email: Customer_Advocate@Dell.com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:22 PM  

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