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I Hate Linux

Monday, January 30, 2006

Take that 70-340!

Despite my previous failure, this morning I retook and passed exam 70-340 with a score of 742. That being said... I am still puzzled.

Like last time, I answered each question with what I thought to be the best answer... and both times I was wrong a fair amount.

There is a part of me that wishes there was an ability to find out the actual answers and explanations of why one is better than another on those that I was truly confident in my (incorrect) answer.

Yes, I could always consult a dump however I have reservations about their accuracy.

Now just one more test stands between me and an MCSD, 70-300, a test I have heard nothing but bad things about. But first I am going to try my hand at the beta version of 70-552 in early March as I figure a free beta upgrade exam is a little better than rushing 70-300 before review time at the end of February.


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