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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Advice for Valentines Day: Part 2

Last week I gave some advice for those with a sweetheart on what to give for Valentines Day. Today I'm going to offer some thoughts on what about those of us who are single on this day of love, token gifts of affection and martyrdom.

Often times a single person wants to be part of a special relationship and at times pines for one, even cursing the opposite sex at times for its members not recognizing what a catch they are. Taking solace in friends' remarks to you such as "they are just stuck up," or "someone will truly appreciate you someday" might help for a moment, but in the long run you continue to feel just as single and miserable as ever.

Instead, just stop and consider for a moment just how lucky you are!

Don't you feel sorry for all of those in committed relationships? You know, those who not only have to spend endless hours with their significant others, hours that could otherwise be spent on things they are more interested in... like Star Trek reruns, but also end up dropping large piles of cash for little things while dating like dinner, movie tickets, popcorn, video rentals, condoms, etc.

Dating can cause a great lack of time and money that could be spent on something a person would likely enjoy much more... themselves, and in addition to the high financial and time costs of dating, what about the cost in creativity?

In a relationship you are almost required to give your significant other a gift on Valentines Day to show your love. Thankfully there are many options: cards, flowers, candy, balloons, sky writing, jewelry, serenading musicians, trips to tropical destinations, cars, a kidney... but then what? You've got to do something new nearly every year for fear that they might get sick of repetitive gifts... so you've got to be extra creative and come up with something brilliant and not just show up to her door with a box and saying:

Unlike this kitten, my love for you will never die


Like this kitten, I feel like I am in heaven because I am with you

So, given the inherent advantages in single hood, if you'll excuse me I'm going to use some of my free time and money and sit back and watch some Star Trek reruns tonight and laugh at all of those who cannot do the same because of their devotion to a holiday that began with a Christian martyr writing a letter and somehow turned into love, chocolate and obsessive amounts of red.


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