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Friday, February 10, 2006

Advice for Valentines Day: Part 1

Valentines Day advertising has been everywhere as of late, as it often is this time of year and is of course primarily targeted towards guys as traditionally it is the guys roll to be the romantic one on this day... which many guys find expensive

A good number of commercials have been advertising diamonds and other jewelry in lieu of chocolates or giant cookies with balloons. Sounds great right? WRONG! Giving non-edible jewelry could be considered insulting to many women. Why? Aren’t you effectively calling them fat by saying:

I love you honey... but I’m just worried that a box of chocolates might go to your hips and butt

This valentines day, remind your special someone that you’ll love them no matter how fat they may become and buy the largest box of chocolates you can, hell, give her three of them!


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