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I Hate Linux

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cobuyitaphobia Wars: Episode II

This evening while in class and VNCing home for a moment, a friend was mocking my choice in masters degree programs.

Looking for something to mock him back with, I googled the term we are at war over (cobuyitaphobia of course), sure enough, my site, cobuyitaphobia.com was #1 with my blog in a close 2nd, and not far behind was his blog at #3.

It seems that I have won this round, and told him so. Of course, he swore swift vengeance.

I am forced to wonder what his next move will be... but then I don’t think it matters too much because I have two further moves in the works with only one executed so far. When both are complete, I expect my victory will be total and my position secure against him.


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