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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stupid so-called 4 day work week

I’m not by nature a paranoid man... but I tell you that there are times that I think the world has it out for me... and this is one of those weeks. Having a paid day off like July 4th is always a welcome thing to see on the calendar and it is even better when it occurs on a Monday or Friday and leads to a three day weekend... not so when it is midweek.

When on a Tuesday as it was this year it leads to the horrors of a two separate Mondays. When on a Wednesday you are taunted with two very short ‘weeks’ and a laughable excuse for a ‘weekend’ in the middle. Friday though has got to be the worst as it taunts you with the end of the week not once but twice.

This year (like the last many) I went out to Royal River Casino in Flandreau, SD to watch the fireworks (and fires) there and ended up leaving around midnight after we were done at the blackjack table (I was done much earlier but being nice and being the driver we waited)... sadly this late hour meant that I got home and to my bed around 12:30 am and was unable to fall asleep until about one, leaving me with a brisk 5 hours of sleep by the time my alarms woke me at 6:00 am.

Here’s hoping I can catch up on my sleep tonight.


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