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I Hate Linux

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Shrinkage and the Pizza Ranch

On the second Tuesday of the month a group of engineers at the company I work for takes a short drive to the city Brandon and have lunch there at the local Pizza Ranch.

Last week when we were there I noticed an unfortunate... problem. Fullness.

After a second medium filled plate of pizza and potatoes I felt my stomach saying “no more, please, no more!”... an unusual feeling for me to say the least.

I realized then what it was... a side effect of a my recently trying Nutrisystem to drop a few lbs. One thing I discovered on day one of eating the Nutrisystem food was that it was all quite small and in the process seems to have shrunk the size of my stomach a bit. Ordinarily I might dislike that but over the last 6 some weeks I have lost about 30 lbs so I’m not really complaining, just an interesting development.



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