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I Hate Linux

Friday, June 23, 2006

33 points? Wraaaaaag!

After putting it off since mid Feburary today I went in and took Microsoft exam 70-300 "Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures" and failed it... by 33 points.

This kinda ticks me off as I thought I was doing quite well throughout the entire test except for one question that I couldn't fully settle on the best answer for... so just picked one.

Lucky for me I signed up with Second Shot so I will try this test again in a week or two, in the mean time I guess I should do a little more studying and reading.

Despite this failure I am in some respects happy with my score as it at least says I've got some idea when it comes to the topic... or that I am a really good guesser. My money is on the first option in large part because when going through some of the study material I was using I ended up paging through it pretty quickly as it was just a rehash of what you learn in any kind of systems engineering course... like several I had as part of my recently completed Masters degree.


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