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I Hate Linux

Friday, July 29, 2005

8 Toolbars under IE7

Not long after my previous test with the Google Toolbar, I threw on the Yahoo Toolbar with no problem and began to wonder... how many others could I get to work? So decided to test this.

Thus far far... I am at 8.

For those morbidly curious who might want to try this themselves, the toolbars in question are:

Of course, there are a couple of minor problems that I have run into:

Currently, the layout of all of the toolbars is a bit tricky for me, I imagine that if I were using my laptop right now instead of through two layers of VNC I might have an easier time.

Also, one toolbar I did add early on was the Anti-Phishing toolbar from Netcraft and it worked fine, unfortunately for some unknown reason when I try to show it now IE goes down hard. I’ll look into that a bit more later to see if I can’t find a fix or determine if it isn’t working well with a given toolbar and which one that is.


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