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Friday, May 27, 2005


This week was the season finale of LOST on ABC, and after watching it something occurred to me.

The title LOST... doesn't refer to the survivors of the plane crash and their being stranded on an island. It refers to the viewers, and how they feel at the end of every episode.

Most episodes focus on a single character and show flashbacks of how they got to this point in their life, often relating to what things they are dealing with on the island at that time. Most of the time, there are things that make you just scratch your head and wonder, and at the end of every episode, they might explain one small thing, but open up a few more crazy topics and just keep hinting at them more and more in later episodes... the season finale was no different.

WARNING! The following contains spoilers from the final episodes, if you do not want to know what happens or have a heart condition, do not continue!

Midway through the season, a metal hatch in the ground was found, and a couple of characters spent a great deal of time trying to get in, thinking it was important, all the while the question is in the air... what is in there? At last, in the season finale, they find some dynamite and use it to blow the hatch off... as they look down, the camera pans back down through the tall tunnel revealed, we see a ladder along the wall... and then just bare walls, the ladder is not complete... and the camera keeps going and going and going to show the depth of the new mystery.

In another side story, the raft that was being built through half of the season finds a ship at long last, and at the end of a brief conversation of someone on the boat saying "What are you guys doing here?" and those on the raft saying "We are survivors of a plane crash"... a man on the boat simply says "I'm going to need to take the boy"... which gets repeated a few times, resulting in a small gunfight, the kid being taken and the raft being set fire to and blowing up.

I don't understand why I keep watching... but yet I do, and I now am more LOST than I ever was.


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