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I Hate Linux

Monday, December 03, 2007

Relaunched: BrendanGrant.com

After owning the name domain for more than four and a half years... at last, there is now actual, useful, honest to goodness content!

And no... there are no links related to the cobuyitaphobia wars (in which I was victorious).

Despite the frequency of Windows Home Server related postings on this blog, it can be far too difficult to navigate through the strange political and social rants, calling attention to the enemies of free speech, porn and strange photo shows.

With that I've now just finished the Brendan's WHS Dev Site which is hosted on BrendanGrant.com and currently simply links back to posts here and organizes things far better than I could have here.

Over time I will endeavor to expand it into a more general WHS Development page, hosting and linking to content elsewhere... so long as other folks get into the Home Server development blogging.

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