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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Updated: Tab Reorderer

In addition to the earlier update of Web Folders 4 WHS, Tab Reorderer has also now been updated to provide the inclusion of the actual tab icons and offers a way to to both remove given tabs from the list (adding them to the Ignored list), but also move them back to the visible list.

Visible List:

Tab Reorderer - Visible Tab

Ignored List:

Tab Reorderer - Ignored Tab

This new build includes a whopping 5 buttons whose functions have changed slightly, they are now:

  • Move up: Moves tab up in tab order
  • Ignore: Add’s tab to Ignored list, recommended for Microsoft/OEM tabs
    Move Down: Moves tab down in tab order
  • Delete: Deletes the tab from the Visible list (but not from the application if present) and from the underlying configuration file. This button is intended for removing add-ins from the list that have been uninstalled but still show up in this list due to earlier reordering.
  • Restore: Moves tab from Ignored list to Visible list

This will likely be the last release of a stand alone Tab Reorderer add-in as I'm seeing a future for it's inclusion, along with Tab Scroller and a couple of other back burner ideas into a Tab Management add-in.

Download: Tab Reorderer



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