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Saturday, April 21, 2007

I got the call

Friday afternoon I received the much dreaded call from the Sanford Health system... wondering when I was going to pay my bill of $2,528.98 as I've paid nothing yet this year.

I told the person on the other line what was going on, the fact that I am not employed full time and the bill relates to the Dr's attempts to fix my hands, something which are not yet fixed and until they are, I will not be able to return to work.

I was told that they some forms that they would mail to me to fill out, the exact nature of which I could not gauge. I'd asked if there is an electronic version of the form (web or pdf) that I could fill out instead.

Only one problem... the one thing that hurts more than typing... is writing. I've never had an easy time clutching pens and pencils for any length of time, in college I had a professor who I think took a perverse pleasure in never letting me use a PC to do my tests (even when I'd suggest unplugging it from the network and allowing me only to run notepad to type).

Historical note on this professor… only once did he let me do the work on the PC... it was the final of the last class I had with him... and now, I'm trying to talk him into hiring me to teach at the university that he's now a dean at.

Much to my shock though, there are no electronic versions of this form and it was told that I'll just have to find someone to help me fill them out... I love how easy they make such things sound... but then I should be surprised as this is the same health system that after my visit to the doctor on Wednesday attempted to schedule me an appointment to see a rheumatologist... the soonest one could see me in the Sanford Health system (aka, the recipients of 'the gift') was in mid-June... and only after I suggested checking within the Avera Mckennan system (the competing hospital system in the area) did they check and find they could get me in there in mid-May. Still bad... but better.

So now... I'll spend a few days filling out the forms and see if they'll hold off on the threatening calls and letter (which I haven't really received yet).

It is kind of a shame I can't play the 'warranty' card and say: "Shouldn't I get some kind of rebate as I went into have a specific problem fixed... and if anything, I've got worse problems today than I did the day I went in for surgery."

Yes I know... this is part of the reason that medicine isn't a science and because of the countless variables involved, no guarantee is possible unless all factors can be accounted for and mitigated.


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