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Monday, November 06, 2006

Pre-class anxiety

Note: This post was written ~5pm today but was unable to be posted until ~9pm.

As only a few people know, recently I became a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) due to a new moonlighting job at New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Sioux Falls and tonight... is the first night of my first class: Introduction to C# Programming with Microsoft .NET: Course 2609.

I've got the traditional pre-performance jitters as mixed with the 'oh god I hope I don't screw up and get fired from the new job' sort as well.

I have little doubt that I'll do great*, but there is still the general anxiety... something it is quite rare for me to get.

One of these days I'll do a quick write up about where this job came from as it is a brief and sorta interesting tale.

*A couple of weeks back when in a class to train future trainers we had 2 hours to prepare for a 30 minute presentation, something I thought I did quite well at and something the instructor agreed with. In fact his only beef... was that I talked really really fast.


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