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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Weight Loss

Yesterday I had the pleasure (for the third time this summer/fall) to have a co-worker comment on my weight... which has been going down nicely for a little while now.

Quite good times... gotta love what smoking, crack and bulimia can do for ya! ... except for the whole clothes not fitting very well anymore thing and the me being too cheap to buy much more until I've got no choice.

The funny thing though is that a month ago while in Minneapolis I got a chatting with a friend's step-dad and while giving advice on this and that (at times it's hard to stop him), he got onto the subject of my weight and how great it'd be if I could lose a couple of lbs... on and on, several times I tried to jump in and said "Bill... please stop now, you are horribly insulting me and you don't know why" to which he would poo-poo it and keep going... until he finally let me get a word in and I told him that I'd already been working on it and had had some great success and quoted the number, which comes out to be a 12% reduction since I started.

One problem for me... is that being so hideously tall (6'4"), gaining or losing any amount of weight is virtually unnoticeable to anyone (including me). I include me as while I've been able to fit into some of my old (and much loved) shirts (stupid computer job, sitting on my rear for 3.25 years!!!), the pants haven't changed much... for now I just end up having to knock a hole in a belt or two and pulling it slightly tighter.



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